Take your training session to the next level, whether that be at home, at the gym or in a park. Increase your workout intensity to run further, lift heavier and sculpt muscle groups with adidas’ range of high performance workout equipment. Power through your next workout or training session with our range of mats, weights, resistance bands and heaps more.


Adidas Resistance Bands and Tubes have been designed for both weighted and unweighted training to help create a more challenging workout that can be tailored to your own body’s ability. adidas Resistance Bands and Tubes enhance traditional training by applying consistent resistance, creating more effective movements. Use in isolation to strengthen and tone without the need for bulky and heavy equipment.


adidas Mats are ideal for use both at the gym and at home, they are not only comfortable but also provide a hygienic barrier against you and the ground. Our mats feature a rigid base to reduce any movement or slippage on even polished, studio floors. Our range of mats are easily able to be stored and transported by simply rolling tight. Offering a range of styles and colours to suit everyone’s personal preference.


adidas Skipping Ropes are ideal for circuit and endurance training, helping to develop stamina and enhance coordination. Our range of Ropes are comfortable to hold with easy grip handles and are completely adjustable lengths, ensuring every individual can complete their workout in the most comfort.


adidas Training Gloves ensure you stay focused on your training by reducing any sort of hand pain caused by blisters and rough bars. Coming in a range for both men and women all fingerless and velcro adjustable straps, tailoring the fit to the individual, hence ensuring the gloves provide maximum comfort and grip to all.


Helping to push your workouts further, the adidas Weighted Apparel provides a secure and effective way to boost bodyweight training. With an iron ore filling, the weights form to your body for a comfortable and tailored fit.


adidas Fitness and Hardware have a massive range of training accessories to help you push the boundaries and take your workout to the next level. The range includes everything from ab wheels, push up bars, lifting grips and belts plus heaps more.