Yoga and Pilates brings together the mind, body and soul to nourish not only your physical but your spirit too. Through breathing techniques and movement, yoga ultimately cultivates a greater integration of bring and internal peace. With a regular practice, yoga and pilates nurtures health and happiness as well as increasing flexibility, strength and balance, ultimately leading to a healthier you.


Yoga blocks are great tools (or extensions of the body) for all yogis regardless of your ability, offering support to enhance poses and stretches in a safe and effective way. Yoga blocks help to deepen your pose, stretch further and hold for longer by increasing your balance, providing support where you need it and strengthening muscle groups.


A Yoga Mat creates a special sanctity for your practice, forming a space that is yours and yours only to nourish your mind, body and spirit. Choosing a yoga mat is purely based on personal preference. There are mats for both hot yoga and traditional form of the practice, ranging in different textures and thicknesses. Our range of Mats provide solid contact with the ground aiding stability and providing cushioning for comfort, as well as being textured to secure your poses and reduce the risk of slipping no matter how sweaty you get.


Yoga straps are a versatile prop, aiding in stretches, increasing flexibility and decreasing tension throughout poses while helping to tailor your practice specifically to you and your ability. Yoga straps help to increase your range of motion and flexibility, simply hold or loop around a body part and use to pull yourself further in to the stretch, pulling the strap through the D ring to deepen the stretch even more.


Increase flexibility and strength while nourishing your body and mind with adidas Yoga & Pilates equipment. adidas Fitness and Hardware ranges all the essentials including mats, yoga blocks and Pilates bands as well as the accessories to make going to the studio easier - mats carry strap, bags, waterbottles, hair bands and more.