Ensure you get the best result from your workout (at home or at the gym) by stretching both before and after your workout, as muscles recover faster and more effectively, making sure you are feeling your best self. Warming up and cooling down reduces the risk of injury, do this by stretching and enabling movement with the best quality foam rollers, massage balls, compressions sleeves and support wear.


adidas Support and Compression sleeves strategically reinforce specific joints without restricting movement when work during workouts and training sessions, allowing you to train and play to the best of your ability. Helping to reduce the onset of muscle soreness, simply slip on the day after a bit match or training session to help reduce soreness of overworked muscles. With a silicone inlay, the adidas support stays put even through the most rigorous movement, providing you with a high level of comfort.


Massage Balls and Foam Rollers help to relieve muscle fatigue and soreness by providing targeted pressure and massaging to improve blood and oxygen flow, in turn helping to increase mobility and accelerate all round recovery time. Targeted massage has become and integrated part of athletes conditioning regime as it enables faster recovery and enhances mobility. Using adidas Massage Balls and Foam Rollers, simply find the tense or fatigued muscle you wish to target and roll over it with your body weight behind the roller, you will thank us later.